We are just a bunch of Coconuts… The surprising benefits and uses of Coconut oil∙Loving Life Naturally

We are just a bunch of Coconuts… The surprising benefits and uses of Coconut oil
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The big joke in the house is that “we are just a bunch of coconuts.” You can say we are little bit obsessed with Coconuts (oil, flour, water, etc) over here.  You have seen it in many of my recipes… I cook with it, bake with it,  make body products/in diaper paste, use it as lotion (for me and my babies, it absorbs right into the skin and isn’t greasy), use it as diaper cream (when I run out of my homemade diaper cream), eye make-up remover, night cream/wrinkle protection, on cold sores, for cradle cap etc.  It is such a fabulous oil, I just have to write a whole post on how amazing it is! I literally have a tub in the kitchen, a jar in my bathroom, and one in the twins room.  We are a coconut family over here!
Coconut oil has had such a bad rap for a long time (thanks to the strong propaganda in 1970s spread by the corn oil and soy oil industry) and only in the last few years has it gained its reputation back.  I remember believing that if a fat is solid at room temperature, it is Saturated fat and we need to steer clear of it! It is true that it is saturated, but we definitely do not need to stay away from natural saturated fats, our bodies need healthy saturated fats and will utilize them as ENERGY and they are not stored as fat.
What is Coconut Oil Made of?
Coconut oil is the most nutrient dense part of the coconut.  It is 90% saturated fat but it has antioxidant properties that helps your body absorb valuable minerals.  Coconut Oil is a Medium Chain Fatty Acid (MCFA), that is processed quickly in the body to give energy to our muscles and organs for immediate use (almost all other fats, Saturated or not, are long chain fatty acids (LCFA), which are processed differently)! It also raises good cholesterol, and balances out blood sugar without the weight gain, cholesterol, and other health risks that come from other saturated fats. Athletes use coconut Oil to give them an extra competitive edge, to boost their energy and stamina.  Are you needing an extra energy boost? Try incorporating coconut oil in your diet…
Use it to fry or scramble your eggs
Add a Tbs it to your oatmeal
Add a Tbs to your green smoothie
Let it melt in your coffee for a nutty flavored coffee drink
Use it to grill your Chicken or Fish
Fry your tortilla’s
Use it to grease your baking pans

Coconut oil also contains Lauric Acid.  Pure, raw, organic coconut oil contains about 50% and is the most abundant, natural source of lauric acid available!  When lauric acid is present in the body, it converts into monolaurin, which exhibits antifungal, antiviral, antimicrobial properties.  When organisms like, fungus, bacteria and viruses are present, the monolaurin will help destroy them!  Some specific examples include, ring worm, athletes foot, herpes, measles, influenza, hepatitis C, HIV and has even been known to clear a staph infection better than antibiotics!
Unfortunately, today’s modern diet is lacking Lauric Acid!  Many people are missing this amazing source of NATURAL protection and then are relying on vaccines, pills, and creams to protect/heal themselves.  Moving from processed, fast food diet will help tremendously, as well as making coconut oil a primary cooking oil and steer clear of cheap corn and vegetable oils (they are full of GMO’s and virtually non-nutritive).
Not only is it good to eat, it has some amazing and surprising uses…
The top 50 uses of Coconut Oil  (thanks to Sun Warrior)
Massage Oil – Coconut oil soothes tired and sore muscles. Add a few drops of essential oils for more effect.
Athletes Foot – The powerful antifungal properties of coconut oil make it perfect for any fungal infection. Add a few drops of oregano or tea tree oil for more antifungal power.
Acne – Coconut oil gently fights the bacteria that cause acne. Dab it directly on the offending pimples and watch them shrink.
Cleanser – Coconut oil makes an effective and gentle cleanser to remove the grime of the day.
Lice – Coconut oil kills and removes this pesky problem.
Stretch Marks – Prevent and soften stretch marks from pregnancy with coconut oil for soft and supple skin.
Warts and Moles – Rub oil into area and cover with a bandage. Rub in fresh oil and place a new bandage each day.
Moisturizer – Coconut oil is an excellent way to soften and hydrate dry, rough, or damaged skin.
Face Scrub – Mix coconut oil with baking soda, sugar, or cinnamon and oatmeal for the perfect face scrub and exfoliator.
Dandruff – Massage coconut oil into the scalp to ease symptoms of dandruff, both itching and flaking.
Curb Appetite – Take a spoonful before meals to curb appetite so you don’t overeat.
Wrinkles – Rub into lines, creases, and wrinkles to rehydrate skin and soften those wrinkles away.
Sore Throat – Dissolve a spoonful in your mouth and let it slowly roll down the throat. This will coat and protect the throat, boost the health of mucus membranes, and fight any infection.
Ring Worm – Rub coconut oil onto affected area to kill the fungus that causes unsightly ringworm. Add tea tree oil to clear the infection even faster.
Lip Balm – Coconut oil hydrates and protects lips. Coconut even offers some protection from the sun, about an SPF 4.
Cold Sore – Coconut oil has antiviral properties that will help the body get rid of the virus that causes cold sores. Rub it on when needed and add a drop of oregano oil to speed healing.
Lubricant – Coconut makes an all-natural personal lubricant for intimate moments without chemicals.
Gum Removal – Coconut oil gets the sticky stuff out of hair, carpet, and anywhere else it doesn’t belong.
Pet Health – Coconut oil can do a multitude of things for pets, both topically and internally. It improves breath, makes for a shiny coat, eases joint problems, cleans ears, gets rid of fleas, and much more.
Stys/Pink Eye – Rub a small amount of coconut oil on the sty or around the eyes to get rid of these painful and annoying infections quickly.
earache – earache, swimmer’s ear, and ear infections clear up fast with a few drops of coconut oil mixed with garlic oil.
Cradle Cap – Coconut oil is gentle and safe for infants and helps ease the itching, pain, redness, and flaking associated with cradle cap.
Diaper Rash – Coconut oil can help heal mild diaper rash gently and effectively.
Bruises – Rub coconut oil into bruised skin to speed healing and watch the bruises fade fast.
Age Spots – Coconut oil has beneficial effects on any skin blemish. Use it to help fade age spots with powerful antioxidants.
Shaving Cream – Coconut oil keeps the razor gliding smoothly while leaving skin smooth and soft.
After Shave – Don’t want unpleasant bumps and rashes after shaving? Coconut oil soothes sensitive skin and promotes healing.
Toothpaste – Mix 1 part coconut oil with 1 part baking soda and add a couple drops of peppermint oil. This makes a refreshing, natural toothpaste that whitens and cleans without added preservatives, fluoride, sweeteners, or other chemicals.
Chicken Pox – Ease the itch and encourage healing with dabs of coconut oil. It also works on poison ivy, poison oak, mosquito bites, and other insect stings or bites.
Yeast Infections – Coconut oil fights these fungal infections internally and externally.
Makeup Remover – Coconut oil removes oil-based makeup easily, like mascara. It cleans, hydrates, and makes skin glow.
Conditioner – Coconut oil conditions, strengthens, and repairs hair. Massage it in and rinse it out after ten minutes. A small amount can be rubbed in to dry hair to tame frizz.
Polish Furniture – Coconut oil gives a protective shine to wood furniture. Just make sure you test it out on a small area to make sure you like the outcome.
Energy – Coconut oil and its medium chain triglycerides make it an excellent energy source to improve stamina, endurance, or just to give you a boost through the day.
Deodorant – Mix coconut oil with cornstarch, baking soda, and your favorite essential oils for a natural deodorant that smells fantastic.
Eye Cream – Reduce puffiness and dark circles with a few dabs of coconut oil.
Eczema – Coconut oil reduces the itchiness, pain, flakiness, and dryness of eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis.
Sunburn – Coconut oil can help prevent sunburn for short exposures. When you burn, it will also speed healing and take some of the sting away. Make sure you wait until all the heat has dissipated before applying it or you trap the heat in.Wait 24 to 72 hours depending on the extent of the burn.
Hemorrhoids – Coconut oil eases the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids and encourages natural healing both internally and externally.
Nose Bleeds – Rub a bit of coconut oil in nostrils to fight the dry cracking that can lead to nose bleeds and pain.
Canker Sores – Dab coconut oil on canker sores to kill infection and speed up healing. Coconut oil is also a far tastier way to treat canker sores than most other methods.
Toothaches – Coconut oil eases the pain and strengthens teeth. You can mix it with a drop of clove oil to almost instantly relieve pain.
Acid Reflux – Take a small spoonful with meals to keep acid reflux and heartburn at bay.
Urinary Tract – Treat urinary tract infections with a spoonful of coconut oil. It may even ease the painful passing of kidney stones.
Nursing – Coconut oil works great to repair dry, cracked skin, including sore nipples from nursing.
Alzheimer’s – Some research points to coconut oil as a way to slow the progression of or prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia.
Bones – Coconut oil aids the body in the absorption of calcium and magnesium. Both minerals are important for strong bones and teeth.
Epilepsy – Coconut oil may reduce the incidence and intensity of epileptic seizures.
Fitness – Coconut oil boosts energy, increases metabolism, improves thyroid function, and aids healthy weight loss. It is the perfect addition to any workout or fitness regimen.
Cooking – Coconut oil doesn’t form harmful by-products when heated like most other oils and animal fats. Use it to replace butter, cup for cup in recipes. Sauté, cook, bake, broil, braise, and more using coconut oil as a healthier alternative.
God has made our food perfect, whole, and healing!  I am always amazed by how creative our God is and what he has provided us with! He never ceases to amaze me!
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Like Loading…Posted by sarafenoglio at 3:51 pmTagged with: benefits of coconut oil, Coconut, Coconut oil, Hair care, Lauric Acid, Medium-chain triglycerides, Saturated fat http://girlgonefarming.wordpress.com Becca I love coconut oil! I always keep two jars – one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom.
http://lovelifenaturally.wordpress.com Love Life Naturally It’s the best! 🙂

http://gravatar.com/poshnoshplaygroup Lil’ Bebe Academy Isn’t amazing that it was once said, coconut oil clogs arteries and is not to be used as cooking oil.I grew up in Jamaica, and we use coconut oil to cook almost everything. Now that I am living in Illinois, I get the organic expeller pressed virgin one from the health store and use it in the winter – it helps my dry skin and it helps my locks.Great post
http://lovelifenaturally.wordpress.com Love Life Naturally It is truly an amazing oil! I’m glad you liked the post, I’ve been wanting to write it for a long time 🙂 I also use coconut oil in my hair to help with dry ends! Its a Great deep conditioner!

Tanya Love coconut oil! I also have a couple of jars going at a time. I knew it was great for a lot of things, but I had no idea it was good for all of those! Does it make little hard clumps in your smoothie? I’ve never tried it because I always thought it would.
http://lovelifenaturally.wordpress.com Love Life Naturally I have never had an issue with it clumping because the blender blends it right up 🙂 one of my favorite smoothies is greens, mango, pineapple, coconut oil, and banana 🙂 I made that one when we were in Kauai last March!

http://cravesadventure.wordpress.com cravesadventure A Wealth of Information – thanks so much for sharing!!!
http://lovelifenaturally.wordpress.com Love Life Naturally Thank you!! And your welcome!! 🙂

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