VCDX: The World’s Top IT Credential

What is the most prestigious IT certification? The VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX), with just 120 holders and an incredibly complex certification process, is undoubtedly the most elite IT certification.
VCDX is VMware’s highest level of certification. VCDX currently offers three tracks: End-user computing, cloud, and data center virtualization. These credentials allow you to join the IT elite and secure prestigious consulting opportunities as well as international speaking engagements.
How difficult is it to reach the VCDX?
VCDX certification required candidates to complete complex written exams. Although this may sound like a masters program, if not a Ph.D defense, the VCDX salary is $99,000 in the United States. Additionally, you are part of an elite group of IT and virtualization experts. This process is difficult. Let’s take a closer look into the VCDX process. Who knows, you might be faced with it one day.
VCDX emphasizes vSphere and datacenter virtualization skills and focuses on the software-defined-data center and delivering Infrastructure-as-a-Service with comprehensive management and security. This approach is very sensible as no infrastructure professional can do much these days without managing virtualized assets. Virtualization is gaining popularity due to the rise of cloud computing and software defined data center technologies. Many organizations are now using VMware’s technology.
VCDX5 DCV certification is obtained through the unique design defense process. All candidates must submit and successfully defend a production ready VMware Solution before a panel made up of VCDX-DCV veterans. This ensures that VCDX status holders are peer-vetted and ready for a select group of top-class consulting architects.
Exams in enterprise administration and design must be passed by the candidate. After passing the exams the candidate will submit a design plan for large virtualized infrastructure environments. If the plan is accepted, then the candidate presents the plan and defends it before a panel consisting of VCDX holders. The defense portion is where the applicant explains the reasons for certain decisions, answers questions from the panel members, and attempts to solve a theoretical problem that was posed by them.
Candidates for VCDX certification must have the VMware Certified Professional (VCP) and advanced professional (VCAP), administration and design certifications.
Upgrade from VCDX4 to DCV
Those who have the VCDX4–DCV certification can easily upgrade to VCDX5–DCV certification, without having to redo the Design Defense process. Here are the steps these candidates must take:
In good standing, be a VCDX4–DCV holder
Pass the VMware Certified Advanced Professional 5 Data Center Design (VCAP5DCD) exam
Becoming a VCDX5 DCV
VMware Certified Advanced Professional 5 (Data Center Administration) and VMware Certified Advanced Professional 5 (Data Center Design) certifications
Submit a VCDX5 DCV Application that has been accepted
Present and defend a VMware vSphere virtual infrastructure design and implementation plan.
This chart from VMware illustrates VMware’s logic:
This is a brief overview about the industry’s elite certifications. What is your ultimate professional goal. Tell us.

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