Ultimate Guide for Taking NetApp NCDA Certification

There are over 70 certifications available for data conversion and storage specialization. It is difficult to choose one because each certification has its own set limitations and advantages.
NetApp is one such certification that is often referred to as the entry-enabler for data storage. IT experts recommend that NetApp certification be obtained before pursuing higher-level training courses.
How do you measure the success of your course program? What skills do you gain during or after your NetApp certification course? Well! All your questions are answered here. Continue reading to learn more.
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What is NetApp NCDA?
NetApp Certified Data Management administrators use NetApp Storage appliances that are compatible with the NetApp Data OSTA operating system for data storage. The certification and training in NetApp provides practical knowledge about data availability, data recovery, and snapshots.
After completing training, students should be able handle the network-attached storage administration, configuration, and NetApp operating systems with ease.
To become a NetApp Certified 7-Mode Data Admin (NS0-155) or NetApp Certified Data Administrator Clustered Data ONTAP(NS0-157), a person must pass the exam.
Course for You>NetApp/Clustered data ONTAP 8.3 Administration
Who should take this course?
Professionals who are required to perform complex administrative tasks and high-level work with NetApp NCDA certification are best suited. This certification can be added to a professional’s CV to help them grow their careers by using enterprise solutions, such as NFS, CIFS and iSCSI protocols on a NetApp storage device.
Qualifications required
It is expected that one has basic knowledge of NetApp products and storage basics. This knowledge can be furthered through training. You do not need to recertify every three years, just like other certifications. The NCDA program certifies that you are a NetApp professional with high employability.
What skills do you have?
The NetApp NCDA certification will equip you with the following expertise:
Navigating NetApp’s Data OSAP operating system in NFS or CIFS environments
Configuring storage controllers, fiber-channel networking and disk shelves
Building aggregates and volumes
LUN Creation
Way ahead
NetApp NCDA certification and training opens many doors to employment in IT-oriented data administration. You might need to pursue advanced certifications to be able to succeed in this field. Remember that NetApp NCDA is the foundation of everything else.
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