Top VMware Interview Questions and Answers

VMware is a multinational company that offers a variety of cloud computing solutions. It is a well-respected multinational company with a strong global presence. This makes it a sought-after choice for those who want to work in highly regarded environments. Your career goals will be fulfilled by a VMware career. It is not easy to pass the VMware interview.
These are 30 VMware interview questions and answers that have been carefully formulated to help you prepare for the big interview.
Top Questions for VMware Interviews:
Q1. Q1. What is a Virtual Machine (VM)? What is Virtualisation?
Ans. Ans. It only contains software and code. Virtualization is the process of creating such a VM.
Businesses can run multiple OS from one computer by using a VM. This allows businesses to efficiently use multiple computer resources, test different operating systems, and save space and money.
Q2. Q2. Describe the different types of Virtualization and the software that can be used to achieve them.
Ans. Ans.
Server virtualisation: This is when one physical server can be used to host multiple virtual machines. This is possible with the software vSphere.

Application virtualisation: It allows multiple computers to run a portion of an application that is hosted on one server. This can be done with VMware Thin App.

Desktop Virtualization: Multiple OS can be deployed using a single VM. This eliminates the need to have individual CPUs. VMware Horizon View is often used to accomplish this.

Storage virtualisation: Multiple devices can be grouped together to create a shared storage space. This process can be accelerated by using software vSAN.

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Q3. Q3. What do you know about hypervisors? Please list its uses and types.
Ans.A Hypervisor software facilitates and abstracts the operation of a VM environment through efficient resource management. It shares memory and processing power and allows multiple VMs running on a single machine.
There are two types Hypervisor-
Type-1: Native or Bare-Metal Hypervisor, which has direct access to hardware.

Type 2: The Hosted Hypervisor runs on an operating system, as its name implies.

Q4. Q4. What is fault tolerance and FT log traffic?
Ans. Fault tolerance is a feature of VMware that allows continuous access to applications and avoids split-brain. It also enables zero downtime and zero loss of data in the event that the ESX server fails.
FT logging traffic in VMKernel is a port setting that allows you to move unresolved events from primary VMs into secondary VMs.
Q5. Q5.
Ans. Ans.

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