The 5 Best Coding Bootcamps San Jose, CA

Programming bootcamps are a great option for anyone looking to change careers and learn new skills. But how do you accomplish this quickly and efficiently? You can start by looking at the top coding bootcamps in San Jose.
This blog examines the benefits of coding bootcamps, the jobs available after graduation, as well as how Coding Dojo can help you.
What is a Coding Bootcamp?
One of the fastest ways to learn to code is through coding bootcamps. These intensive, short-term coding schools are focused on web and mobile design, security, and development. You can quickly become an expert in primary programming languages such as HTML, CSS Ruby on Rails and Python, Django JavaScript or PHP stacks.
The entire education system has been transformed by coding bootcamps. Anyone can become a programmer and problem solver in three and a quarter months. Your journey to a new job will be easier if you have hands-on experience.
Benefits of Coding Bootcamps
More Programmers are needed by companies
Programmers are in high demand. Many companies continue to struggle to find qualified tech professionals to manage their businesses, maintain websites, or build new tools. Course Report found that 79% coding bootcamp graduates are still employed full-time within six months of finishing their program.
Over 80% of those surveyed said they were using the coding skills acquired in the bootcamp. Another 51% reported a $23,724 increase in their average monthly salary. A coding bootcamp is the fastest way to a lucrative career as a techie.
Coding is a lucrative career.
Course Report recently conducted a survey of 3,043 graduates from bootcamps. They found that the average annual salary was $70,000. Graduates earned an average salary of $80,943 on their second job. This rose to $99,229 on their third job. With more experience comes more money. Learning to code is a great way to make more money.
Here’s to New Beginnings
Learning how to code can help you start a new career. Programming bootcamps give students the opportunity to learn programming languages that are in high demand. Programming knowledge can be used to become a freelance programmer, create the next great app, or work as a consultant on various projects.
Coding skills are needed everywhere
Strong technical skills are not only for the tech industry, but all industries need them. It doesn’t matter if the job is directly related to computer science, or if you’re developing programs in fields such as retail, marketing, and health, understanding programming and code is crucial for a company’s growth.
Top 5 Coding Bootcamps San Jose, CA
Let’s get to it! Here are the top coding schools in San Jose.
Hack Reactor Bootcamp

Hack Reactor’s 12-week Coding Bootcamp is for students who want to learn JavaScript and the basics of programming. This bootcamp will help them get into the tech industry. This course includes live coding, pair programming and exercises. Students also get to work on projects.
Galvanize Bootcamp

Galvanize’s 12-week-long coding bootcamp is for students who want to become full-stack programmers. This program provides a solid foundation in computer science, including data structures, full-stack JavaScript and frameworks, as well as application design or development.
Coding Dojo Bootcamp

Coding Dojo’s 14-week program in San Jose teaches students how to become full-stack developers. Students will learn HTML, CSS, Python and become a front-end developer expert. Students will be given several projects towards the end of the program. This will give them practical experience and portfolio samples.
Hackbright Bootcamp

Hackbright’s coding bootcamp is based in Silicon Valley and is unique in that it focuses exclusively on web-development programs for women who want to learn programming languages such as JavaScript and Python. Hackbright’s Coding Bootcamp, also known as “The Engineering School for Women”, has a 99% graduation rate. It has helped more than 1,000 women get started in tech.
Thinkful Bootcamp

The seven-month Thinkful coding bootcamp is for anyone who wants to be a web developer, UX/UI designer or software engineer. Each student is assigned a mentor by Thinkful while learning programming languages such as JavaScript and Python.

Are Coding Bootcamps Worth It?
Coding bootcamps are a great option for students who don’t have the financial means or want to change careers. Students looking to change careers, retrain or learn a new skill may also find it useful.

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