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Vegan Teething Biscuits for Your Natural Baby!
For the Kiddo’s, recipes, snacks2 Responses »Dec 042015I made 95% of my twins baby food, with the occasional earths best or Plum organics, for traveling. As they were getting older I had to get more creative so they could practice feeding themselves with the pincer grasp. I am totally against processed foods. The majority of it has so much added sugar. I […]
baby food, gluten-free teething Biscuits, Homemade baby food, Make your own baby food, natural baby, teething biscuits, vegan teething biscuitsDeliciously Crunchy Roasted Chickpeas Recipe
Appetizers, Dinner, snacks4 Responses »May 142015I have been on a new health kick again.  I’ve eliminated EVERYTHING processed…  From my ezekiel bread to even my favorite protein powders (grass-fed whey and shakeology).  I know what your are thinking, “hasn’t she already done this?”  Well, yes… and no!  I’ve just taken it to a whole new level. After reading an amazing […]
clean eating recipes, dinner, easy recipe, eat for wellness, Roasted chickpeas, vegan, vegan snack, vegetarian snackAre You Eating Enough Greens?
Breakfast, For the Kiddo’s, Health, recipes, snacks1 Response »Sep 272014Jumping out of my comfort zone a bit and using my Instagram as blog post.  I am a perfectionist by nature and I really like my photo’s to look perfect.  Obviously there is no perfect.  I would rather post valuable information than have THE BEST looking photo’s and not be as active as a blogger. […]
beet greens, chard, eat for wellness, Green juice, green smoothie, greens, Health, healthy breakfast, healthy snacks, Kale, organic, spinach, super foodsHomemade Oven-Baked Beet Chips
Appetizers, recipes, snacks1 Response »Jun 072014Crunchy… Yes! Delicious… Yes!  Easy… Yes! Its a win-win-WIN!  Beets have not always been my favorite.  As a kid, I remember ‘trying’ canned beets at Thanksgiving, and from that point on I knew that “I did not like beets.”  However, now I know, its all about the preparation, and I’m loving my homemade oven-baked beet […]
healing, homemade, organicHealthy Easter Treats… Cacao and Cinnamon Dusted Almonds
For the Kiddo’s, recipes, snacks3 Responses »Apr 172014Chocolate and Easter go hand in hand…  Along with jelly beans, peeps, chocolate eggs and other candy, right?  Well what if it doesn’t have to be that way!  What if there was a better way!  What if we got back to what Easter is all about?  What if we truly meditated on Christ, his resurrection, […]
all natural, almonds, cacao, easter, easy, easy recipe, Healthy, organic, recipe, snack, snacks, super foods, treatsGreen Smoothie Popsicles… For Your Picky Eaters!
recipes, snacksNo Responses »Apr 112014Most of you already know my passion for green smoothies.  I love them!  Green smoothies are the perfect way to pack in dense nutrients, stave off cravings (more nutrients = less cravings!), control blood sugar and not to mention prevent disease!  Even better yet, my kids love them!  What a better way to get those […]
feeding kids, green smoothies, healthy snacks, snacksMoist and Delicious Strawberry Coconut Paleo Scones
Breakfast, recipes, snacks7 Responses »Mar 202014Breakfast is one of my favorite meals.  Why?  Because it is so versatile.  Sometimes we enjoy a savory Frittata, other times it is just fresh farm eggs, natural sausages, sautéed spinach, and toast.   Sometimes it is a green smoothie or Shakeology with added fruit and greens.  My boys lately are just loving Banana Pancakes topped with Fage […]
breakfast, gluten-free, Healthy, paleo, recipe

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