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Vegan Teething Biscuits for Your Natural Baby!
For the Kiddo’s, recipes, snacks2 Responses »Dec 042015I made 95% of my twins baby food, with the occasional earths best or Plum organics, for traveling. As they were getting older I had to get more creative so they could practice feeding themselves with the pincer grasp. I am totally against processed foods. The majority of it has so much added sugar. I […]
baby food, gluten-free teething Biscuits, Homemade baby food, Make your own baby food, natural baby, teething biscuits, vegan teething biscuitsNatural Herbal Play Dough Recipe
For the Kiddo’s, natural living, recipesNo Responses »Oct 152015I love trying new things.  I even have a hard time making the same recipe twice!  However, I am in love with this Natural Herbal Play Dough recipe, and so are the little hands pictured above! Sensory play is so beneficial for little growing minds.  According to PBS Parents, “Children (and adults) learn the best […]
all natural play dough, herbal play dough, natural kids, play dough, play dough recipe, sensory playChocolate Paleo Donuts Please!
Dessert, recipesNo Responses »Jul 132015Paleo donuts have been a long time coming!  I’ve been asked more times than I can count for a good donut recipe, especially from my son Maximus (Rocco does not like dessert, except my chocolate chip cookies).  He had never eaten a donut before!  We have read about them in books (a Halloween Little People book), […]
chocolate donuts recipe, coconut flour donuts, donuts, gluten-free donuts, paleo dessert, paleo donutsThe BEST Cauliflower Crust Pizza ~ Margarita Style!
recipes9 Responses »Apr 282015I am not sure why this took me so long?  I had no idea how easy it would be to make!  This is the Best Cauliflower Crust Pizza, if I do say so myself. Pizza crust has always intimidated me because of its lengthy process to make.  Finally, I have a simple pizza that I […]
beet, clean eating recipes, dinner, dinner recipe, eat for wellness, eat the rainbow, nutrients, organic, oven roasted vegetables, real food, side dish, wellness, Whole foodCast Iron Skillet Crispy Kale and Eggs Recipe
Health, recipesNo Responses »Mar 162015This has got to be our favorite new breakfast.  When you sauté kale, it doesn’t get soggy like spinach (although I really love sautéed spinach and eggs too!), it gets crispy and mixed with soft eggs make them the perfect combo! My latest obsession… pastured eggs!  Why?  Chickens roam free on green pastures, in the […]
clean eating, eat clean, eat organic, gluten-free, Kale, organic food, paleo, pastured eggs, real foodHomemade Organic Hummingbird Nectar
Natural Pets, recipesNo Responses »Mar 092015I am such an animal lover.  As a kid, I had rabbits, lots of them, dogs, a cat (once or twice, but my mom is allergic), I rode horses and took lessons, fish, and a desert tortoise to name a few.  Now we have a dog, a cat (sorry Mom!), a beta fish, two ducks that […]
hummingbird nectar, natural pets, organic, organic hummingbird nectar, recipe

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