Portal Launched by Firm to Access Petabytes of Public Data via AWS Cloud

Quilt Data, which claims to help users “manage code-like data” by providing a versioned portal for AWS, has launched a new portal that unlocks petabytes worth of public data for discovery, sharing, and sharing.
Open.quiltdata.com shows 10.2 billion objects, 3.7 petabytes data, and 24 S3 (AWS) storage buckets.
According to the site, “Quilt” is a versioned portal for AWS. “open.quiltdata.com provides access to the world’s public data, including Amazon’s Registry of Open Data.”
Data-centric professionals such as engineers, scientists and developers can use the portal to explore visualizations of data, such as Terrain Tiles of Earth and a Jupyter notebook archive. It is said to be accessible to non-technical users by removing the need for specialized infrastructure and expertise.
Quilt believes that these requirements prevented the world from accessing its cloud-stored data. This affected business decisions and held back data-intensive initiatives like data modeling and implementations of artificial intelligence.
Open.quiltadta.com makes it possible to access more than 12 petabytes worth of public data in agriculture and geospatial sciences. These data can also be searched with natural language queries. “This new accessibility level allows organizations to enrich their quantitative model with the most current data and provide insights on critical questions in climate policy, business intelligence, and public policy.”

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