New Sandblast Product Accreditation Exam Coming Soon!

This Check Point Certification is a certification that demonstrates expertise in the technology that secures internet access for all Fortune 100 and Global 100 companies. Check Point certification specialists have the ability to support Check Point products and have expert access to SecureKnowledge.
Many targeted attacks are based on exploiting software vulnerabilities in email attachments and downloaded files. These threats include new exploits or variants of existing exploits that are released almost daily without any known signatures and thus no standard solutions to detect them. Undiscovered threats are new and require new solutions beyond the signatures of existing threats. With evasion-resistant malware detection, Check Point SandBlast Protection provides comprehensive protection against even the most serious attacks and quick delivery of safe content for your users. Two unique capabilities are at the heart of the solution – Threat Emulation and Threat Extract that take threat defense to a new level.
It is difficult to underestimate the importance and value of experts who can provide safety throughout a product’s entire life-cycle.
Keep up to date with our news and take the Check Point exam every so often!

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