Is the MD-100 worth it?

You should bring your car to a mechanic if your check engine light comes on. If you notice a strange rash on two of your toes you should see a doctor. It’s not always easy to find someone to turn to when computers stop working or a network stops responding. This is especially true for large or medium-sized businesses where many users can be affected by a problem with their device or network. You can be the person people turn to with a little Windows 10 training.
A certified Microsoft desktop administrator is someone who can diagnose and fix common problems and issues with Windows 10 environments. Administrators who have been Microsoft 365 Certified Modern Desktop Administrator Associate are highly valued members of IT teams. They’re the front line for a company and its network. The MD-100 exam is one of two required exams to earn the MDAA. But is it worth it for your career prospects? Learn more about the MD-100 to decide if it is worth it.
What is the MD-100?
The MD-100 exam is the first of two required exams to earn the Microsoft 365 Certified Modern Desktop Administrator Associate (MDAA). MD-100 is the Windows 10 section of the certification. MD-101 is for desktop administration. MD-100 is a test of an administrator’s knowledge in managing Windows and its deployments.
The MD-100 exam tests administrator’s knowledge of Windows deploying, installing, and managing Windows. However, it is aimed at beginners. The MDAA certification is an associate-level certificate and focuses on the job responsibilities of junior administrators and administrators in their first job.
Microsoft Windows 10 (MD100)Related training by SPOTO
Start training.A person who has passed the MD-100 exam is familiar with the interfaces and tools for administering Windows. They also understand the basic concepts involved in maintaining large numbers of Windows devices. The MD-100 exam is ideal for new administrators. It targets a limited and specific set of knowledge, but ensures that you are fully familiar with the tools required to manage a Windows 10 enterprise network.
What is the MD-100 Exam?
The MD-100 exam is a 120-minute test that covers 40-60 questions about managing, configuring, protecting, managing, and monitoring devices and apps within an enterprise environment. The MD-100 exam has four objectives.
Install Windows
Manage devices and data
Configure storage and connectivity
Keep Windows up to date

The Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification is only half of MD-100. MD-101, the other half of the Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification, is the other half. Its objectives are similar: manage policies and profiles, deploy and upgrade operating system; manage devices and data; manage and protect them; manage apps and data.
How Much Does the MD-100 Exam Price?
To take the MD-100, you will need to pay $165. The MD-100 does not require any prerequisites. You can pay $165 to take the test at any time. You can earn the Microsoft 365 Certified Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification by passing two exams. Each exam costs $165. The MD-100 exam may only cost $165 but the MDAA total cost is $330.
What experience do you need for the MD-100 exam?
The MD-100 associate-level certificate is for administrators just starting out in their careers. You don’t need to have any experience before you can attempt the MD-100. This doesn’t mean that the exam is difficult, but you won’t have to rely on your job experience to pass it.
The MD-100 does not rely on job knowledge as much as it does on “by the book” knowledge. Windows wants to ensure that desktop administrators start their careers with the correct methods (according to Windows). This means that if you have been working on Windows for a year, this is the right time to start.

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