How to prepare for Microsoft Azure Exam AZ201?

We have already discussed the steps required to pass the Azure AZ-200 exam and become a Microsoft Certified Azure Developer. AZ-200 is only one step on the journey. To become a fully qualified Azure developer you must pass AZ-201. This exam preparation can be done in conjunction with your AZ 200 preparation.
This is because there will not be major differences in the exam structure and the type of questions in an AZ201 Exam than in an AZ-220 exam, aside from the study modules. It is better to prepare for the AZ-201 exam in conjunction with the AZ-200 exam.
Microsoft has created a new certification pathway for Azure Certifications. Check out the new Role-based Microsoft Azure certifications.
You Must Be Aware Of The AZ-201 Exam Modules
Questions in AZ-201 Exam can be found in three main sections. While each section has a different weight, you shouldn’t ignore any of them in your AZ201 exam preparation. These sections are listed below.
1. Create an Azure Cloud Model
This module is the most frequently asked in the AZ-201 exam. This section will be the basis for approximately 50-55% of the total exam questions. As shown below, you will find subtopics within the section.
Autoscaling is possible
Long-term tasks should be developed
Develop for asynchronous processing
Distributed transactions can be implemented
Logging can be done by using an app or service
Allow search of textual material
It’ll help you score higher in the AZ-201 exam if you understand every section.
2. Implementing cloud integration solutions
This section covers topics such as APIM management, configuring message-based integration architecture, and finally, creating an application message model. This section contains questions ranging in weight from 25 to 30 percent.
3. Azure Cognitive Services, Bots, and IoT Solutions:
It requires candidates to be able to integrate Azure cognitive services in application, creation and implementation of IoT solutions, and creation & integration bots. This section is about 20 to 25% in weight.
Basic Exam Requirements You Must Know Before Starting Your Az201 Exam Preparation
The AZ-200 exam has the same prerequisites. Prior experience in all phases, including solution design, development, deployment, testing and maintenance is required. It is essential that you are proficient in at least one cloud-supported programming language.
The person must also be proficient in developing Azure applications that include storage, compute, and networking. To create powerful cloud products, they should be able partner with solution architects, cloud administrators and clients.
The Best Preparation Options for Passing the AZ-201 Exam
Visit the Official Website
We recommend that you start with the Microsoft Official Learning portal if you are looking for a real preparation guide for Microsoft AZ201 exam. This page contains information about all the AZ201 Developer Advanced Solutions exam study material that is necessary for your AZ201 exam preparation. This page contains the exact pricing information.
You’ll find links to external AZ201 exam preparation resources, options to schedule the exam, and information about the skills required to pass the exam. This page also contains discussion boards for exam study groups. This page will be updated whenever there is a change to the exam structure or schedule.
Refer to the Books & Preparation guides
It’s difficult to find a better preparation tool for Microsoft AZ201 exam than the official portal. You can also search Google Books or Goodreads for more books if you’re not satisfied with the official website portal. There are less chances of finding books on this topic because the exam is still in beta. Until you find convincing AZ201 exam study guides, it is best to focus on discussion forums and study group for the moment.

Participate in Forum Discussions & Study Groups
Microsoft has created a section called “Study Group” to help you prepare for the Microsoft AZ-201 developer advanced solutions exam. This is due to the limited availability of study guides and books. It’s the best way to answer your questions and doubts about the AZ-201 exam preparation if you don’t have any previous Azure exam experience.
This section contains people with previous experience in azure exams, including role-based exams. They may be able to answer your questions about this exam. You might be able to find the answers to your questions in the study group.

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