How to Modernize Your Network With VMware NSXT

VMware’s website will help you understand why it is the “go to” product for cloud computing technology and virtualization technology. It’s quick, secure, and simple to implement. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of products if this is your first venture into VMWare.
This article, the first in a series on VMware offerings, is intended to simplify things. We will explain the specific VMware products, their importance, and how you can use them in your organization. We’ll be looking at VMware NSX(tm) Data Center in this article.

What is NSXT and why should I care?
NSX was launched in 2013 as a network-virtualization solution. It allows you to transform your physical network into a virtual network and then share it. Users can create virtual networks with different attributes, including ports, routers and firewalls. NSX can create entire physical networks as a software solution.
VMware initially linked NSX to vSphere. This was referred to as NSXV Data Center. However, you may see it mentioned in research. The next generation of software-defined storage centers (SDDC), NSXT Data Center, is replacing it. The main difference between NSXX-T and NSXV is that NSXT can be “unlocked” from VMware vSphere. In other words, you don’t need a vCenter server to deploy NSXT. The “T” in NSXT stands for “Transformers”, as the product was designed to transform customers beyond on-prem network virtualization using vSphere into hybrid cloud and the software defined data center model.

Why use the SDDC model?
The main reason to use the SDDC method is that you can fully utilize your data center resources, as a virtualized pool. You can also work in a hybrid cloud environment. This has many advantages, both in terms of economic and scalability. You can centralize and simplify management and deployment of your network.
VMware NSXT is a unique cloud deployment tool that features an API-driven architecture and built-in distributed security. This video is from the VMware YouTube channel and introduces NSX.

Learn more
Visit the VMware products page to learn more about NSXT and the advantages of migrating your data center to NSXT Data Center.
Once you have decided to move to NSXT Data Center, increase your knowledge to take advantage of all its features. NSXT is intended for network administrators and system administrators. It helps you understand TCP/IP services as well as network security.
With this foundation, you can take the VMware NSXT Data Center: Configure, Install, Manage course. This course covers the key features and functionality of the NSXT Data Center. If you are interested in becoming VCP-NV 2022 certified, this course is strongly recommended.

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