How to build your graphic design career in the gaming industry

Graphic designers are often asked to describe their work as “designing logos, business cards and t-shirts”, or other things that involve 2D visuals. Modern games are primarily 3D. It might be difficult to see how a graphic design can break into this industry with your current skills. Video game graphics require more than three-dimensional visuals in order to be effective. Game programmers and game designers need graphic design for many reasons. Here are some ways graphic design can be applied in the gaming industry.
Marketing and branding

Each game has its own launch screen, logo, and social media profile. Graphic designers are responsible for the game’s branding. They create the game’s identity through its main visuals. Graphic designers also create marketing materials like posters, billboards and instagram stories stories, which are used to promote the game. A design can only capture attention for a few seconds in a world where content is the most important thing and attention spans are very short. Graphic designers would know how to do that, increasing user registrations and purchasing.
User Interface (UI).

The UI is the visual layout that allows the player to interact and access the game’s tools and settings. Graphic designers are also required to help with the visual hierarchy of the games. The visual hierarchy makes sure that the most important features of the game are easily readable and identifiable. Graphic design in videogames simplifies the game’s displays and makes them easy to understand and use.
Graphic Assets in-Game

Many video games combine 2D and 3-D visuals, such as Roblox. Graphic designers are often given game assets such as billboards, road signs, and dialogue boxes in big game studios. Graphic designers can help improve the look and feel and typography of video games by having a better understanding of visual placements and typography. You can also find graphic games and online training courses by calling us or sending us an email.
Graphic Design for Gaming Graphics: Level up your career
Online training courses, just like graphic games, are the key to your next step in graphic design. Trainocate will help you unlock more of your talents and prepare you to rank up. Trainocate has over 60 industry-experienced instructors that will give you the edge you need in your chosen field. Send us your questions via our contact form.

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