The Next Steps in Your ITIL Journey are Available With the New ITIL Decision Tree
ITIL 4 is finally available, but some IT professionals may still have questions. For example, ITIL v3-certified professionals may wonder if they should make the effort to train and become certified in ITIL 4.
ITIL 4 addresses new processes and vocabulary, unlike previous iterations. ITIL 4 is a great starting point for any organization who has never used ITIL before. However, if you aren’t familiar with the structure and language of ITIL v3, it may be difficult to implement the latest version.
Is ITIL 4 right for me?
We have a new resource to help you make the right decision for your company. To determine if ITIL 4 is right for you, answer the questions in our ITIL Decision Tree. It’s simple to follow and will give you a clear next step in your ITIL journey.
Download the ITIL Decision Tree

ITIL Foundation is not going away. ITIL Foundation has been consistently one of the highest-paying certifications for the past decade. It is ranked seventh in the United States this year, with an average salary of over $120,000. The ITIL Foundation certification will continue to gain popularity due to the improvements made in ITIL 4.
You can plan wisely for your ITIL success.

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