Cloud Computing Blogs to Read in 2020 (Updated)

Are you looking for Cloud Computing blogs that will help you update your cloud knowledge and skills? We’ve compiled a list of the top Cloud Computing blogs.
Cloud Computing is a way to get computer services on demand, such as servers, databases, storage, networking, and software. There is a charge for usage. Although cloud computing was not invented until a decade ago, it has seen many new solutions and benefits for users.
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The cloud is a new way to think about IT resources. It cuts down on capital expenditures, increases speed and agility, and allows for easy deployment of applications to multiple locations around the world. It also offers data backup and disaster recovery options, making it one the most popular methods of computing-related services pooling.
Check out these Top Cloud Computing Blogs
Cloud services are growing rapidly in all parts. It is important to keep up with the latest news and learn about the do’s and don’ts. Cloud computing blogs are available as a solution.
What blog is right for you?
This is a great list of cloud computing blogs written and podcasted by incredible writers and podcasters who are open to learning and sharing the best advice and experiences.
1. All Things Distributed
All Things Distributed (ATD), the most popular blog about cloud computing, is a must-read for anyone using AWS. If you use the cloud, it is very unlikely that you are using Amazon Web Services (AWS). ATD, written by the world-famous Amazon CTO Werner Vogels and featuring up-to-date, well maintained, daily-oriented posts about Amazon analytics, business development and startup, is a boon.
2. Infoworld
Infoworld, written by David Linthicum (a consultant at Cloud Technology Partners) and an industry expert, is a great cloud computing blog that is exclusively dedicated to cloud computing. It is updated daily. David often picks up interesting topics, such as the recent post about how enterprises should look at features and strategy when considering cloud services. Popular posts include IT news, enterprise IT strategies, and product reviews. The blog is also known for its regularity of postings, which averages 6 per week.
3. CloudTweaks
CloudTweaks is a blog that provides all the information you need about the cloud. It is well-known for its informative content and collaboration with cloud experts. They are known for their long, detailed descriptions of posts, infographics and statistics, as well as updates about events, and even comics. This blog is ideal for those who want to learn more about cloud compliance, the top and most popular cloud applications, business data analytics tips, and sometimes funny material. There are 14 posts per week.
4. The Cloudcast
The Cloudcast is one of the most popular blogs about cloud computing. It is best known for its unique cloud blogosphere that uses audio content rather than long, boring articles. These podcasts were created by Brain Gracely, a RedHat Openshift technology expert, and Aaron Delp who works at NetApp SolidFire in the role of director of solutions.
5. CloudTech
CloudTech is a blog and news website that focuses on cloud computing strategy. Sebastian Krause from IBM, Joe Weinman, Cloudonomics author Cloudonomics, and Ian Moyse of the Cloud Industry Forum are just a few of the hundreds of bloggers that cover cloud-related topics. They have reached a remarkable community of 320,000 cloud computing professionals. The team uses industry research to create its own unique spin, reporting from the forefront of cloud computing news.
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6. Cloudscaling
Cloudscaling, one of the most insightful blogs on cloud computing, is written by Randy Bias. He is the genius behind the VP Technology at Dell EMC as well as a Director at OpenStack Foundation. This blog covers various aspects of cloud computing. It posts approximately one per month and covers all the important details and industry-related topics.
7. Google Cloud
Google Cloud, the new domain name for Google Cloud Platform, dates back to 2008. It is a blog that Google Cloud experts run discussing the technical specifications, products, and services of Google Cloud.

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