Best Scrum Master Certification

Scrum is a process framework for project management. You can use the framework in any situation where product development is required. Scrum teams with specific roles and accountability improve efficiency.
Scrum teams are supervised by a Scrum Master who ensures that distractions are eliminated so that the group can focus on delivering the product.
We will be reviewing the top Scrum master certification programs. Each course can help you stand out as a Scrum professional. You can choose the right course for you based on your Scrum journey.
Comparison Table
CourseProviderCostPre-requisitesExamCertified Scrum Master (CSM)ScrumAlliance$495NoProfessional Scrum Master (PSM)$150NoSAFe Scrum Master (SSM)Scaled Agile$800NoAdvanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM)ScrumAlliance$1495YesProfessional Scrum Master (PSM)$250YesThe 5 Best Scrum Master Certification Courses
Here are the five courses that we reviewed. We have highlighted the potential benefits and drawbacks of each course, as well as their negotiables.
1. Certified Scrum Master (CSM) – Best Overall
ScrumAlliance was the first to offer Scrum Master certifications and is proud to be non-profit. It’s well-respected across industries because it has been a provider since 2001.
The course is taught by Scrum-certified trainers who tailor training to each learner’s needs. The materials are tailored to your specific industry.
There are no prerequisites for the CSM. You can be new to Scrum concepts, or a professional in any industry and still get accepted. It provides the training you need to quickly move from the idea stage into the delivery stage, which increases customer satisfaction and employee morale.
CSM courses provide at least 14 hours of tuition with a certified trainer. This can be done online or in person. You must have completed ScrumAlliance training to be eligible for certification as a CSM.
ScrumAlliance requires that you take an exam. This exam is available for two attempts, and the fee includes both.
Online courses start at $495 and include two 8-hour days. Exam fees are included. Prices will vary depending on the course trainer. Due to health restrictions, Scrum trainers cannot offer in-person training at the moment.
Additional benefits include ongoing professional development opportunities that come with a CSM from ScrumAlliance. All ScrumAlliance graduates are invited to attend events that feature excellent speakers.
Scrum recognizes the importance of continuous learning, so members are required to gather SEUs (Scrum Education Units) in order to recertify. CSM certification is required every two years. The renewal fee is $100.
Scrum gatherings are held several times a year for the community to get involved and Scrum to be more localized to your region. You can also connect with others and get new tips by participating in ongoing virtual events throughout each year.
Leading provider of Scrum certification programs
Online and in-person trainers who are certified
Professional development via regional and global events

Renewal fees every two years could be seen as a drawback

Final Verdict
The Certified Scrum Master (CSM), is a great all-rounder that is perfect for Scrum beginners. It provides the support and ongoing professional development that a newbie needs, as well as the training and exams that are passed.
2. Professional Scrum Master – Best for Flexibility was started by one of the founders of ScrumAlliance. He felt there was a need for it.

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