AWS IoT Analytics is now available from Preview Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), announced the general availability of its Internet of Things analytics service, which was first revealed last fall as a preview. AWS IoT Analytics, a fully managed service that enables simple and sophisticated analytics on large volumes of data from sensors or other IoT-connected devices is now available. The service covers the basics of IoT data analytics: collection, processing and storage. It also provides visualizations and in-depth query analysis. The company announced the preview service in November last year. It stated that AWS IoT Analytics has data preparation capabilities specifically designed for common IoT use case like predictive maintenance, asset usage patterns, failure profiling, and asset usage patterns. “IoT Analytics is a service that captures data from devices connected via AWS IoT Core and transforms and enriches it before it is stored in a time-series table for analysis. The preview was made available to the public in three U.S. states and one in Ireland last week. More are on the way. It works with IoT Core which was launched in 2015 and updated in February to make it easier to connect devices. AWS IoT Analytics “collects, pre-processes and enriches, stores and analyses IoT device data at large so companies can identify things such as the average distance traveled by a fleet connected vehicles or how many doors are locked after hours in a smart building. Or assess the performance over time to predict maintenance problems and better respond to changing environmental conditions. The service allows you to run queries on IoT information.

  • Support for time-series analysis so organizations can analyze device performance over time
  • The storage of device data in a time series data store is optimized for quick response times to IoT queries that often include time among the criteria
  • Tools for machine learning, supported hosted Jupyter notebooks. This allows you to connect IoT data directly to a notebook, build, train, and execute models right from the IoT Analytics console.
  • Data preparation techniques support the setup and processing of data prior to analysis
  • Automated scaling and pay-as you-go pricing

AWS stated that AWS IoT Analytics automates all the tedious steps required to analyze data from IoT devices. IoT Analytics transforms, enriches and filters IoT data before it is stored in a time-series storage for analysis. The service can be set up to only collect the data you need from your devices. It will then apply mathematical transforms to process the data and enrich it with device-specific metadata like device type and location. You can then analyze your data using the built-in SQL engine. Or, you can perform more advanced analytics and machine learning inference. The pricing details for the new service are available here.

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