AWS Intros IoT Button to the Enterprise Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), has officially launched the IoT Button Enterprise Program. This preview is currently limited. The company’s re-Invent conference in November saw the introduction of the IoT Button Enterprise Program. This allows organizations to order and deploy physical, Wi-Fi-connected buttons that customers can click to trigger cloud-based services. The programmable device is based on the Amazon Dash Button, which was created to make it easier to order products or replenish supplies. It can also be used as an access point to services like AWS Lambda and Amazon DynamoDB. The new enterprise program allows organizations to do more than just order printer ink.

  • Customers can easily request a callback from customer service agents.
  • In retail stores and restaurants, provide a call-for assistance button
  • Capturing product amounts for inventory can improve inventory systems.
  • Boost healthcare applications, such as alerts or notification systems for the elderly or disabled.
  • Smart Home systems can be interfaced with Smart Home to turn on devices such as the garage door or turning off the outside lights.
  • Enhance guest check in/check out systems

The company’s AWSIoT button was first introduced in a limited-release program last May. It sold out within hours. This is how the button works:

  • Click the button and a secure connection with AWS IoT is established using TLS 1.2.
  • The button data payload is sent by AWS IoT Device Gateway.
  • The rules engine evaluates the received messages (JSON) that are published to AWS IoT, and performs actions or triggers AWS Services based on defined business rules.
  • The AWS Service trigger executes or performs an action.
  • Device Shadows allows you to read, store and reset the device state.
  • Based on action, mobile and web apps can receive and update data.

AWS and Amazon’s parent company take care of technical details such as button branding, AWS IoT things creation, obtaining certificates creating keys and adding certificates certificates to buttons. A blog post last week provides a detailed overview of the program. The blog post stated that the AWS IoT Button Enterprise Program allows enterprises to use a programmable AWS IoT Button in order to increase customer engagement, expand their applications, and offer new innovations for customers. It simplifies the user experience. Businesses can harness the power of IoT to respond to customer demand and provide a direct line for communication with customers. All this is done via a simple device. The original AWS IoT buttons of the first generation are now available. Second-generation buttons, which have better battery life and more clicks, will be available in the near future. You can find more technical information about the IoT buttons in the developer guide and AWS IoT Devices SDK documentation.

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