Why project management is good for business

It’s time for you to take the plunge and hire a project manager. It’s obvious. Perhaps your team members are aware of it. Others don’t see the value in a dedicated person filling that role.
It can be frustrating to feel the only voice advocating for project management within your company. We are here to help.
Perhaps you are a developer or designer who fell into project management and struggles to keep up with all the demands of the projects while still producing great work on time. Maybe you have a passion for project management and want a transition to a PM role. Maybe you’re a business owner who has gotten used to managing projects but now realizes it’s becoming more difficult to manage your business and team.
No matter what your situation may be, we will help you understand and even explain the value of project management.
Understanding the business value and project management
Let’s begin with the basics of project management and how it benefits your business.
When advocating for the addition a project manager to your organization, cost is a major obstacle. It’s important to weigh the long-term benefits of a project manager against any upfront costs.
Many people don’t realize the value of project managers, as they manage so many intangible tasks. Make sure you communicate your case to executives when arguing for the hiring of a project manager. Your argument should be framed in a way that aligns project management’s benefits with the values of your leader and/or organization.
You might, for example, point out that project management helps you achieve these important business goals.
Setting goals and meeting deadlines
Increasing project profitability
Team morale
Earning customer loyalty
Keep critical communications flowing
Hiring a project manager will cost money in salary and benefits. Successful businesses are built on successful projects. It is worth having a dedicated person on your team to push you towards the win.
Do you need more evidence to support your case? These 7 stats demonstrate how powerful project management can prove to be.
Why project management should be a dedicated job
Sometimes project management is just added to the existing duties of a team member. This may work for a while, but it is not sustainable long-term. This is especially true if the person who manages the projects on the side wasn’t hired for the job.
Here are three reasons why a dedicated project manager is a worthwhile investment:
Motivation and morale are higher
Some people don’t like project managers and even less want to be one. It is important to set clear expectations about roles. This leads to better morale, and motivates. People will be more productive if they are valued for their expertise and given the opportunity to develop their strengths.
Better resource utilization
It is also important to consider the cost of split attention. Consider a designer or developer who doubles up as a project manager. Then think about whether that resource is being used to its full potential. They won’t be as efficient or effective if they are constantly switching between tasks. A PM with expertise can lead to more focused results for your team and projects.
Vision and strategy that are unifying
Many people view project managers as administrative task masters. A good project manager is a strategic resource that aligns project goals with the overall business goals. If project management is scattered among different team members within a company, the whole picture can get lost.
Signs that it is time to hire project managers
No matter where your job is, if it’s operating, you can be proud of it.

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