Transitions to improve paragraph cohesion

Transitional expressions are used to connect ideas and create coherent paragraphs. Skilled writers have many techniques for making paragraphs stick together. Transitional expressions are one such technique.
Transitional expressions are words or phrases that can be used to describe:
Add information
Show time or order
Show cause and effect
These expressions can also be used to show connections and achieve paragraph coherence. [A partial list containing common transitional expressions is at the end of this article.]
Example: Ms. Cho currently manages a small sales department. She also assists with strategic planning activities. Ms. Cho is also responsible for developing the budget for her division. However, her staff accountant assists with financial matters.
Exercise in Transitional Expressions
To connect the sentences below, choose a transitional phrase.
Job seekers can use digital tools to reinvent or invent their careers. Without their enthusiasm, passion, and patience, digital tools can’t help workers find a new job.
Internet platforms can be addictive and can increase users’ emotions and perpetuate the cycle of polarization. Experts are concerned about privacy, surveillance, security, and privacy.
One regret in my life is that I didn’t make enough effort to keep in touch with my family and my friends when I moved away for work. I am now separated from my loved ones and my old friends.
Many people find memory aids useful as they age. Memory aids can also be used to encourage laziness.
Technology has caused a lot of harm that must not be minimized. We must correct some of the unintended effects.
Many people believe that the Internet has a dark side. Bullying and intolerance thrive on the Internet.
Technology that was supposed to bring down divisions has only made them worse. We’ve seen everything, from election tampering and the end of Net neutrality.
The good outweighs any harm as digital access continues its expansion to far-flung corners of the globe. Online courses and information about health are available to people. They can also join special platforms that support health and well-being.
Automated work is becoming more common. Many skilled jobs will also be automated.
The internet has revolutionized the way people think, communicate, learn, collaborate and conduct business. It is the most important technological invention of the 20th Century.
Technology can all be misused. However, internet technologies will continue their benefits to all.
Political power will shift if there are structural changes in the economy. These profound changes can be beneficial as well.
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