These are the 58 most useful project management blogs and resources

Project management is a complex field.
The industry is a new field and those who are new have to learn the language of “Lean project management” or “Agile Software development”. They also need to know how to manage a team to deliver projects on-time, on budget, with quality.
Are you ready to implement agile methodologies into your work flow? These agile project management solutions will help you get started. I started my career as a project manager and reviewed project management software. It was exhausting to sort through hundreds, if not hundreds, of online resources for project management advice in order to find quality information.
I had to understand industry jargon, navigate various project management certifications, and memorize workflows. I didn’t need to read about the daily life of a once-prolific project manager or scroll through a blog about project management tools that contained company updates.
I started to search through online project management resources in order to find regularly updated, high-quality content. My RSS feed contained less than 20% of the reviewed content.
These resources are mine and I’m now available to you.

The best blogs about project management
Although I don’t like to use the term “best”, the criteria for being on this list were rigorous. I believe that the blogs reviewed in this post are the best available for project management. Period.
These are my qualifications:
With all these filters in mind, my research led me to these 58 project-management blogs. I hope you enjoy them as much I do.
They are arranged by Moz score in each category.
21 Project Management Blogs from Individual Contributors
You will find that free sites are not allowed here, unlike other sections. The domain score is not required for the first few entries.
1. Eight to late

Kailash Awati is the author
Years active – Ten
Domain authority: Free WordPress site; unknown
Brief description: Kailash Awati uses a data-driven approach for project management and explains how to solve complex problems in large organizations using a collaborative approach.
This article will help you get started: “Six ways project estimates can go wrong”
2. It’s easy in theory, but difficult in practice

Author: Kiron Bondale
Years active: Eight
Domain authority: Unknown WordPress site.
Brief description: Kiron Bondale discusses how to balance pragmatic project management with people-first.
This article will help you get started: “What they weren’t telling you when that project was taken over
3. The lazy project manager

Author: Peter Taylor
Years active: Eight
Domain authority: Unknown WordPress site.
Short description: Peter Taylor discusses productivity hacks that lay-back project managers can use.
This article will help you understand why your sponsor may not care about the project.
4. Herding Cats

Author: Glen Alleman
Year active 12
Domain authority: No charge Typepad site; unknown
Brief description: Glen Alleman’s view on project management is great for team leaders and Agile developers. Also, his book “Performance-Based Project Management” is a good read.
This article is your guide: “Principles and Processes for Project Success”
5. DrunkenPM

Author: David Prior
Year active 11
Domain authority: Free Blogspot site; unknown.
Brief description: David Prior, despite the name, takes a direct and helpful approach to Scrum and Agile project management on his blog and podcast.
This article is the “Girl Scout Kanban”
6. Leading Answers

Author: Mike Griffiths
Year active 11
Domain authority: No charge Typepad site; unknown
Brief description: If Agile is your thing, you should be a leader

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