Stress is everywhere, in our daily lives and on projects. It is important to understand how your project team will perceive and handle stress.
Stress Appraisal TypesAppraisalDescriptionPropertiesHarm/LossHolds a grudge or can’t get over a stressful event in the pastPessimismHopelessnessReactiveAvoiding or ignoring stressorEmotion-focused coping mechanismsThreatFear of the possibility of a future stressful eventChallengePerceive a stressful situation in the past or future as an opportunity for growth or gainOptimisticHopefulProactiveConfronts problems head-onProblem-focused coping mechanismsAs a part of managing the human resources on any project, it is a good idea to list the people on your project out and understand how they cope with stress. This list can give you an indication of potential risks and help you to identify people to monitor to ensure they are progressing with their tasks. People who use emotion-focused coping strategies to deal with stress will have a lower quality and timeliness output for tasks that cause them stress or if they are exposed outside stressors. It may be helpful to understand the responsibilities of people outside of your project.

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