Stories are a powerful way of communicating any message.
When a story is told well, lessons learned and mentoring are more easily received.
Roman Keller via Flickr – Story Teller
These stories are my passion. I also enjoy collecting them. I get a lot of emails from people about their experience in project management. Sometimes I ask them for their experiences so that I can share them with my audience through my newsletters and here on the blog.
Even with my strict system for managing my email messages, managing all of these via email has become a bit difficult for me.
I have set up some ongoing surveys so that you can share your stories with me as well as the rest of the world. They are not stored on my servers and are completely anonymous unless your choose to provide it. These will be checked on a regular basis. I will share those stories.
PM Career Stories
Imagine how inspiring it would be to see people who have been able to make the transition to project management in their careers. People who have been able get their project manager to give them additional PM duties to gain experience and landed jobs as project coordinators or analysts are some of my favorite stories. Or people who have started volunteering. These are great steps!
If you have been a project manager for some time, you can tell how you got to be a PM and what it was like to work there.
Stories about why you want to be a project manager, your career path, the challenges you faced, and how you felt throughout the process are some of the most inspiring submissions.
Many people are interested in project management and want to become one. They could be a technical contributor, a general manager, a student or someone who has come from a completely different career path. Your stories about your career, your experience, and so on. They will be inspired and guided.
Tell a great story!
PMP Stories
Are you a PMP? Imagine how inspiring it would feel for others who are currently studying to hear your story.
Here are some ideas: Why you chose to take the PMP, what materials you studied and how you feel about them, the challenges you faced, how the process went, etc.
Tell a great story!
Make sure you don’t include any details about the questions that were asked during the exam. This information is confidential and should not been shared.

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