Ron Rosenhead, The Perfect Project – London Area Training Ron Rosenhead is someone that I admire a lot. He is a project management consultant and trainer and shares a pragmatic approach for managing projects in the real world. We had a wonderful discussion for nearly two hours inside pmStudent eLearning about:

  • How to Get Started in Project Management
  • PM Involvement on Business Cases
  • Styles of PM Communication
  • Managing technical staff
  • Coaching other PMs
  • Methodology Selection
  • How team members can introduce PM practices
  • How to Deal with Conflict
  • Motivating project teams

Ron will be in Central London running a course that you should attend on November 16, 2010. Is he not a competitor because you also provide training to project managers? Why are you promoting him? “Here’s the deal. My passion is teaching people how to manage projects. I want to see more people experience the rewards and challenges of this career, and help them run their projects better. It’s good for everyone. It’s good for everyone. Understanding the importance of project management consistency within your organization. Use project management tips and tools to deliver projects effectively How to address common issues in project management project managers? Team members? Project managers? Anyone who is new to project management Anyone who needs a refresher in project management Content of the course:? A solid framework will help you develop your project management skills. What is the business case? What is it and why is it so important? Clarifying the roles in your project Definition of a project using a Project Initiation Document It is important to ensure that quality, cost, and time are considered early in a project’s life. Effectively identifying and managing stakeholders and risks? Planning for a project? How to create a solid project plan? Develop a realistic and practical monitoring system for your project. How to manage a project? Closing a Project You will Receive: 1 day of practical and great tuition Practical project management skills workbook An excellent reference book Free e-learning course This is a series email sent directly to your email. Get a copy of our project management templates. Copy of our White Paper From Ready-Fire-Aim to Ready-Aim-FireTo book go to

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