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Are you preparing to take the PSM Professional Scrum Master I test and need a quick revision guide. You have come to the right place. This cheat sheet contains all the information and resources needed to pass the PSM Professional Scrum Master I exam. PSM evaluations are used to confirm and certify knowledge and to show how they would respond to situations that might challenge them.
The Professional Scrum MasterTM Level I (PSM II) assessment validates your knowledge of the PictureScrum framework. The industry-recognized PSM I Certification will be awarded to you after passing the assessment. This certification demonstrates fundamental Scrum mastery. A Professional Scrum Master is able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of Scrum, and the ability to apply it in real-world situations. This certification is highly valued. The PSM estimates are much more valuable than the Scrum options.
It is important to know that Professional Scrum Master (PSM), has three levels.
First, PSM I. This certification will show that you have mastered Scrum. The PSM I certificate demonstrates knowledge of Scrum as described by the Scrum Guide.
PSM II is the second. This certification demonstrates advanced Scrum mastery. PSM II certificate holders show that they understand the fundamental principles of Scrum.
PSM III is the final certification. This certification demonstrates a high level of Scrum mastery. PSM III certificate holders are able to demonstrate a deep understanding of Scrum’s application and practices and the Scrum Values.
Cheat Sheet for PSM Professional Scrum Master I Examination
It is essential that you have all the resources you need to revise effectively. Below are links and resources for the PMM Exam. You can quickly review the topics and gain a better understanding of them. Let’s get started.
Exam Objectives
It is important to review the objectives for the PSM Professional Scrum Master I exam. This will help you to recall and refresh your knowledge about the PSM Professional Scrum Master I topics. Reviewing the exam objectives will ensure that there is no confusion in your mind and you can concentrate on revisions. Below are the most important topics for PSM Professional Scrum Master I exam. This includes:
Understanding and applying the Scrum Framework
Empiricism, Scrum Values Roles, Events Artifacts, Done
PSM Documentation:Professional Scrum Competency: Understanding and Applying the Scrum Framework
Develop People and Teams
Facilitation, Leadership Styles and Coaching, as well as Self-Organizing Teams.
PSM Documentation:Professional Scrum Competency: Developing People and Teams
Managing Products with Agility
Forecasting & Release Planning. Product Value, Product Backlog Management. Stakeholders and Customers.
PSM Documentation:Professional Scrum Competency: Managing Products with Agility
Professionally developing and delivering products:
How to manage technical risk
PSM Documentation:Professional Scrum Competency: Developing and Delivering Products Professionally
The Evolution of the Agile Organization
Organizational Design & Culture
PSM Documentation:Professional Scrum Competency: Evolving the Agile Organization
Scrum Official Website
Visit the Scrum official site is an important step in preparing for the Professional Scrum Master I (PSM-I) exam. The official website offers reliable information and sources that can be very helpful in preparing to take the exam. You will find resources such as a study guide, sample papers and whiting.

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