Project Managers can now save a lot of time by stopping micromanaging

You might think that you can only succeed as a founder of a startup if you take control of everything. While this is true to a degree, it is not the best way to go. However, you should be able to let go of certain things.
Micromanagement can be a daunting task and can prove dangerous. Micromanagement can have a negative impact on your daily routines and habits as well as your business and employees. Michael Pryor, CEO at Trello, stated that micromanagement can ruin the happiness of workers. This is usually due to self-direction, and one’s own effort.
Moving to a macromanager is key to happiness and overall success. These five practical tips will help you make this a possible feat.
Hire the Right Person
Hiring the right person is key to the success of your startup. Only when you trust your employees, will you give them responsibilities. Contrarily, if trust and faith are not present in your employees, micromanagement is the best option. Do your research when hiring the right people.
Establish a procedure in place
To ensure that your team is successful in every task they undertake, you need a process. This will prevent chaos among your employees.
You’ll find your workers more comfortable when you give them the opportunity to contribute. Once you have established a procedure and guidelines, make sure everyone has it written.
Assign Bit by Bit
Many find the transition to less involvement from 100% micromanagement difficult. Even if you plan every move perfectly, there will be natural delays. To reduce the difficulty, assign tasks one at a time. You will see a significant improvement in your results if you move out slowly rather than completely moving away.
Close the Door
It may sound like it’s against everything, especially when it is about being a great leader. However, it produces amazing results. Your employees will be able to function without you by taking a break from time to time, such as closing your office door and taking breaks from social media. They realize that they can’t work without you. They are more productive and take on more responsibility.
Give your workers a stake in ownership
Do you want your employees to feel like they own the company? Give them a stake in your company. You’ll encourage them to work harder and make better decisions by giving them a stake in the company. It gives them a sense that they are part of the company, and not just individuals working for it.
Entrepreneurship faces two major challenges. These are ideation and execution. Some people are born with the ability to generate ideas. You don’t need to brainstorm to come up with new ideas if you are part of this fortunate group. You may have difficulty with implementation.
Why is micro-management bad?
Final Thoughts
For your employees’ well-being, it can be very beneficial to abandon micromanaging. You will also be able put more emphasis on your role of Founder.

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