Preparation Guide for PSM I Certification

A Professional Scrum Master is someone who is an expert in Scrum theory, methodology, practices, and procedures. Scrum Masters have the primary responsibility to promote Scrum. He helps others understand the principles, rules and values of Scrum. He is well-known for offering his services to the product owner, the development team, as well as to the organization.
As we explained in the article Introduction to Professional Scrum Master there are three levels of certification to become a Certified Professional Scrum Master. The PSM I Certification is the first. Let’s now discuss the PSM I Certification exam, and how to prepare to be PSM I Certified.
To pass an exam, it is important to prepare for it. The preparation guide you use to prepare for and pass the exam will determine your success. Here’s a modification to Malcolm X’s quote.
“Education is our passport into the future. Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare now. He who is best prepared can serve his moment of inspiration.
PSM Certification Exam
The Professional Scrum Master (PSM), Certification, introduces the theories and principles of empirical process control, which are the pillars in Scrum. It focuses on the role and responsibilities of the scrum master. PSM I certification is highly valued by the industry and it is very affordable to obtain. It is my opinion that it is the best Scrum certification. PSM I certified candidates show that they are familiar with all concepts of Scrum and have a harmonious terminology.
If you want to prove your knowledge in Scrum framework application and implementation, the Professional Scrum Master Level I certification (PSM I), is the right choice. After passing the PSM I certification exam you will be recognized throughout the industry as a Scrum Master and will be known by the PSM I certified professional.
Information about the PSM Certification Exam
Exam Duration: 1 hour (60 minutes)
Number of questions: 80
Exam Pattern: Multiple Choice Questions, Multiple-Answer Questions, True/False Questions
Passing Score: 85 % (Candidate with score equal or higher than 85% is considered Pass, below 15% is Fail).
Exam Fee: US$150
Prerequisite: None
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Language: English Only
Renewal is not required
Eligibility: To take the PSM I certification exam, the candidate must meet the following criteria:
Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or Equivalent Degree
Scrum Framework has a lot of experience.
PSM Certification Subject Areas
The syllabus for the PSM I Certification exam is divided into five subject areas. Each objective or subject area covers specific topics. Let’s take a look at the Exam Objectives of the PSM I Certification Exam.
Scrum Framework
Scrum Theory and Principles
Cross-functional, Self-organizing Terms
Coaching and facilitation
Scrum at Large
How to prepare for PSM Certification?
It is not necessary to take a course before you begin your preparations for the PSM I certification. Knowledge of Scrum framework concepts and principles is the most important thing. Although there are many resources on the internet about scrum, the best way to pass PSM I certification is to fully understand and learn the Scrum framework. Start your preparations today by assessing your current understanding. One thing is essential.
“Doing your best today is the best preparation for tomorrow.”
Preparation Tips and Tricks for PSMI Certification
Make sure you are familiar with Scrum before applying for the PSM 1 certification exam. We have created a guide to help you prepare for the PSM I Certification exam. This will ensure that you pass the exam in one attempt.
PSM I: This certification exam is the most rigorous in the industry. This exam helps you become a Scrum Master, a recognized industry certification. Scrum design is the process of organizing and thinking about the activities that are required to reach the scrum master goal.
Scrum study guide: While everyone has their preferences, the Scrum Guide is the best resource to understand Scrum framework. It contains the core concepts that will help you understand Scrum’s functionality. Scrum Guide is a comprehensive guide that requires you to take your time and not rush it.
Be familiar with the Subject Areas – It is important to understand the subject areas when preparing for an exam. These objectives have been discussed previously. Make sure to read them carefully and study the suggested readings for each area.
Take a free practice test: This is a great way to assess your readiness and preparation for an exa

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