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Seasonal Allergies? Try this simple natural remedy…
For the Kiddo’s, natural living, Natural Remedy, Supplements2 Responses »Apr 072015For some reason, it always blows my mind when something natural REALLY works.  I know what you are thinking, “why is she shocked, when she has a natural health blog?” I get it, but truly I am always [pleasantly] surprised.  I think it must be because our generation has been engrained with medicine and commercials […]
allergy bomb, doterra, essential oils, lavender, lemon, natural health, peppermint, seasonal allergiesApple Cider Vinegar In Your Daily Life
Go Natural, Health, natural living, Natural Remedy1 Response »Feb 132015I love this stuff. I have not only been reading about it and its amazing health and beauty benefits, but I have personally been drinking it myself… not strait up!  I add 2 tsp to my large glass of water and ice (that is the only way I like it… so far!).  Why?  For so […]
Fight PCOS, infertility, natural healing, natural remedy, PCOS, pregnitude, supplementsIs the Microwave REALLY Damaging Our Health?
Go Natural, Natural RemedyNo Responses »Jul 262014This past year, I did something I never thought I would do… I KICKED my microwave to the curb!  It was definitely something I had in the back of my mind for a long time.  Having a microwave was such a convenience for me, especially when I would have two babies screaming at me for […]
CHEMICALS, chemicals in food, Health, Natural livingCold and Flu Busting Elderberry Gummies – Your Kids Will Love!
natural living, Natural Remedy, SupplementsNo Responses »Jun 272014This post may be coming out at an odd time.  Summer is not the time flu shots are being announced and promoted on every corner or where everyone you know is getting sick.  However, how many of us have contracted a summer cold?  I know I have numerous time and they are the worst!  It […]
elderberry, gelatin, Immune, immune booster, natural health, probioticsEssential Oils: Why They Are Essentially Healing {Guest Post!}
body care, natural living, Natural Remedy5 Responses »Apr 072014I just wanted to give a big welcome to Julie, from My Life’s Essentials.  I am really excited for all of us to learn a little bit about essential oils and why we should be incorporating them into our health, healing, and wellness lifestyles.  She did an awesome job writing this piece and is offering […]
essential oils, healing naturally, healing oils, natural health, Natural livingHomemade Garlic Ear Oil Remedy… It Really Works!
body care, Health, natural living, Natural Remedy, recipes2 Responses »Feb 132014I know what you’re thinking!  How can some oil and garlic cure a very painful ear infection?  I was a little skeptical myself, I must say.  But, when you have a child that has been up for hours in the middle of the night crying and no way to get to a doctor, you will […]
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