My favorite Office 2019 feature – LinkedIn Resume Assistant for Word

Reading Time: 1 MinuteMicrosoft Office 2019 offers some great features that will allow your creative juices flow. Let me start with my personal favorite, Microsoft Word and LinkedIn Resume Assistant. We now know why LinkedIn was purchased by Microsoft in 2016 for 26.2 million dollars. Microsoft has launched a new feature in Word powered by LinkedIn called Resume Assistant that brings artificial intelligence to student job searches. When you have a resume, vita, or other information, the LinkedIn Resume Assistant automatically launches a right pane. It can be opened manually by clicking on the Resume Assistant button.
Microsoft claims that more than 80% resumes are updated in Word. This could make the new assistant very useful for students in higher education. Many people change jobs and roles much faster than they used to. Resume Assistant allows students to use examples from other job-seekers in their chosen field to describe their work experience in a resume. To help our students add keywords to their resumes, the panel lists the most important skills from LinkedIn. A student can search by the job title and the industry, such as data scientist in the hospital/medical sector.
The assistant can also help students customize their resume based upon actual job postings. Get professional help via LinkedIn’s free platform, ProFinder for help with writing resumes and interviewing. You can tell recruiters on LinkedIn that you are open to a new position without notifying your bosses.

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