MindTap Educator guides to plan your course

Reading Time: < 1 minuteMindTap Educator Guides The MindTap educator guide is an amazing resource. These guides give you detailed information about MindTap content to help you plan and personalize the course. Studies show that students are more likely engage with and retain course content if it has been tailored by their instructor. Barbara Turner is a professor in the Rowan College Marketing Department in Gloucester County. Since several years, she has used the Educator Guide to help her plan for her course. Barbara's use of the Educator Guide has changed over time, as have the results. Overall, my results showed a significant increase in student activity, retention, and an average grade increase of 10 points. The column that shows the estimated seat time and the recommended points is one of the most useful features of the guide when planning her course. This helped her plan her students' work schedule and gave her realistic assignments for each chapter. Barbara's Marketing course has scenario-based questions. These questions ask students to apply their understanding rather than just recalling definitions from the chapter. This is a great comprehension tool. Barbara assigns them and then uses MindTap Progress app to drop the 2 lowest scores. Check out our Educator Guides page to see if there are any Educator Guides available for MindTap courses.

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