How to prepare for the Microsoft Azure AZ500 Exam?

Are you interested in becoming a Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer (MCASE)? This is the definitive guide to your AZ-500 exam prep. Follow this guide and begin your preparation for the Azure AZ-500 certificate exam.
Microsoft is a strong name in the world cloud computing. Microsoft Azure, the cloud service platform from Microsoft, is a market leader in cloud computing, along with AWS, Google Cloud, and Google Cloud. The demand for Azure certifications has never been higher. Microsoft Azure AZ 500 is the latest Azure exam and is perfect for the role as Microsoft Azure Security Engineer.
Many resources are available online to assist candidates in preparing for the AZ-500 exam. The following discussion will illustrate every aspect of the exam to help you prepare. This discussion can help you get started on your preparations for the Azure Security certification. So, let us get started!

One of the most notable features in the new Azure certifications are the role-based focus. Microsoft has eliminated many of the previous certifications and introduced role based certifications. The AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies exam preparation helps you to learn skills specific for each role of an Azure security engineer. Let’s now look at the AZ-500 exam details that can help you refine your preparations.
Note: Although not required, the Microsoft Azure Fundamental AZ 900 Certification can be used as an entry point to the AZ-500 certification for the Azure security engineer career path.
AZ-500 Exam: Microsoft Azure Security Engineer
The AZ500 exam is ideal to test your skills as a Microsoft Azure security engineer. Candidates can demonstrate their ability to implement security controls, identity management and security framework maintenance. Candidates can also learn how to protect data, networks, applications, and more by taking the AZ-500 exam preparation.
The exam measures candidates’ ability to identify and fix vulnerabilities using different security tools. The exam also tests candidates’ ability to respond to security incidents and implement threat protection. Let’s look at additional information that will be helpful in your AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies exam preparation.

Microsoft Azure AZ-500 Exam Information
The official website of the AZ-500 Azure Cloud certification contains important information about the exam. The AZ500 exam is also known by the Microsoft Azure Security Technologies examination. Based on the AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies study guide, the exam would contain between 40 and 60 questions. Questions would cover all topics and domains covered in the study guide.
Multiple-choice and multiple selection questions will be offered to candidates in the AZ500 exam. According to the official examination page, the registration fee for AZ500 exam is USD 165. The official examination page does not provide information about the languages used in the AZ-500 exam. The exam is only available in English.
Examine AZ-500 Basic Information
Name of the Exam
Exam AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies
Microsoft Azure
Number of questions
40-60 questions
Exam Fee
$165 USD
Languages to be studied

Domains covered in AZ-500 Exam
Candidates should always rely on the exam blueprint when preparing for Microsoft cloud certification exams. The exam blueprint contains information about the various domains that are included in a particular certification exam. Candidates can find detailed information on each subtopic. The exam overview, or exam blueprint, can be used to estimate the weight of each domain on the exam. This is a detailed blueprint of the AZ500 exam.
These are the four most important domains to consider when preparing for the AZ-500 exam.
Management of identity and access (20-25%)
Platform protection (35-40%)
Management of security operations (15-20%)
Data and application security (30-35%).
Let’s take a look at the subtopics that are included in the domains.

Management of identity and access (20-25%)

Nearly a quarter of questions in the AZ500 exam concern managing identity and access. Configuration is the main focus of this section of the AZ-500 Azure security certificate study guide. This domain’s first subtopic focuses on the configuration of Microsoft Azure Active Directory to support workloads. Next, the domain covers the configuration of Microsoft Azure AD to manage privileged identity management. The configuration of Microsoft Azure tenant security is the last and most important aspect of the AZ-5500 exam domain.
Platform protection (35-40%)

This domain should receive a large amount of attention during your AZ500 exam preparation. The AZ-500 exam can have as much as 35 to 40% of the questions.

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