How to prepare for Microsoft Azure Exam AZ102?

Microsoft Azure, a cloud service platform, is constantly evolving at a rapid pace. This rapid adaptation to changing environments is primarily due to the need to meet rapidly changing industry requirements. Microsoft has completely redesigned the structure of Azure certifications to make it easier. Let’s clarify these changes before we get to the details of the AZ-102 exam preparation guide.
The previous Azure certification exams were in a numbered format, such as 70-473 or 70-532 or 70-533. Each of these exams can be qualified to earn credit towards other Microsoft certifications, such as MCP, MCSA and so forth.

Microsoft is gradually changing the structure of many of these exams to create role/performance-based exams that are based on industry changes. As an example, the new Azure Administrator certification exams AZ-100 & AZ-101 are to be considered. These exams replace the 70-533 exam that is required to implement Azure infrastructure solutions.
What if I have already passed the 70-533 exam? What if my efforts are thrown away?
No. It is unlikely. Microsoft has a new exam codenamed AZ-102 that allows 70-533 candidates to seamlessly transition to the new Azure Administrator associate certification. If you have already passed 70-533, there is no need to take AZ-101/AZ-101. Instead, you can try your luck on AZ-102 or Microsoft Azure Administrator Transition. You will become a qualified Azure administrator associate if you pass this exam regardless of whether you have passed AZ100 or AZ101.

We can help you prepare for the Microsoft AZ-102 Administrator Certificate Transition exam if you are certain about your career. We are available to help you with any questions or concerns regarding the Microsoft AZ-102 exam preparation.
This figure shows how you can become a Microsoft Certified Azure administrator by taking these exams. This will give you a better understanding of the exams.

So where do we begin? Let’s get straight to the main topic, without wasting any time.
Preparing for Azure AZ-100 exam? This AZ-100 exam preparation guide will help you pass the exam quickly and easily.
Topics to be covered for the AZ-102 Administrator Transition Exam Preparation
The AZ102 exam curriculum is a combination of AZ100 and AZ101. You must be proficient in both the content and the exam to become a Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate, regardless of whether you have passed the 70-533 exam.
Your syllabus will look like this. (Here, the percentage figure denotes how many questions are likely to be asked from each section of the exam.
Managing Azure subscriptions, resources (5-10%)
Implementing and managing storage (5-10%)
Configuring and managing virtual networks (15-20%)
Management of identities (15-20%)
Evaluation and execution of server migration to Azure (15-20%)
Implementing and managing applications services (5-10%)
Advanced virtual networking (5-10%)
Securing identities (5-10%)

Steps to Take to Pass the AZ-102 Exam
These steps will make a difference in your success at the AZ-102 exam.
1 Utilize Microsoft Learning Platform
The Microsoft Learning portal has a lot of useful information that will help you prepare for your AZ-102 exam. You will find information like exam scheduling options, exam pricing information and exam modules. There are also links to other online resources. This section should be reviewed before you take the exam.
2 Understand the Exam Modules Well
We’ve already covered each module of the exam, as well as the probable weight of marks that could be assigned to each section. These weight figures are almost identical to the ones from the previous exam data. This is a clear indication that you cannot skip any module. AZ-102 exam preparation should prioritize modules with more weight. This will help you score high marks in the exam.
3 Practice Tests and Online Resources
Microsoft Learning platform does not currently offer a link to practice tests. However, Mindhub, Microsoft’s exam partner, has an online practice test. After you have completed your exam, this official exam will provide detailed answers as well as references. Another important feature is the instant score report.
4 Search Online for Relevant Books & Resources
There are less chances of finding a book that is relevant to AZ-102, as it is a transition exam. Many websites claim to have 100% guaranteed questions.

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