How to prepare for Microsoft Azure Exam AZ 200?

Microsoft’s new role-based Azure certifications have a unique naming system. Exam codes for Azure exams for administrators will start at 100, while exams for developers will follow exam codes in the 200 range.
Similar to the Azure solution architect exams, Azure DevOps exam will be in the 300 range while Azure DevOps exam will be in the 400 range. We’ve discussed the preparation for Azure administrator exams. Let’s now move on to developer exams.
Prerequisites Required Before You Begin Your AZ-200 Exam Preparation
Aspirants for AZ-200 need to have the skills necessary to become Azure developers. They must be able to develop apps and programs using Azure tools, including storage, security, and compute services. They should also have at least one year of experience in all phases of development, including design, development, deployment, testing and maintenance. They must also be proficient in at least one of the cloud-supported programming languages.
The Exam Modules You Should Look At for Your AZ200 Exam Preparation
As with any Azure role-based exam you will need to pay attention to the weight given to each module of the Azure AZ 200 exam. You should focus on four exam modules during your AZ-200 exam preparation. It is illustrated in the figure below.
1. Selecting the right cloud technology solution
This section has received around 15-20% of the weight. It can be further divided into sections where you will need to select the right storage, integrations, and compute solutions for your client. This section also includes information about design patterns, network connectivity options, and hybrid typology designing.
2. Cloud storage is a possibility
This module is comparable in size, with up to 35% more questions. These modules have many subcategories, as shown below.
Develop solutions that make use of file storage
Create solutions that make use of blob storage
Storage tables can be used to create solutions
Create solutions that use Cosmos DB storage
Develop for caching and content delivery solutions
Each subsection is important because of the importance it has been given.
3. Create a Platform as a service (PaaS), Solutions
This is the module that you should pay attention to in your AZ200 exam preparation. This section can account for between 35-40% of all questions. It can also be subdivided into
PaaS allows you to create mobile apps
PaaS allows you to create web applications
Service Fabric allows you to create an app or service.
Create an app service Logic App
Serve serverless functions
Organise bulk operations
Develop and design applications that use media services
Azure Kubernetes Service is used to create solutions
4. Secure cloud solutions
This module has approximately 15-20% of the total exam. It includes subsections on implementing secure data solutions, access control, and authentication.
Microsoft has created a new certification pathway for Azure Certifications. Check out the new Role-based Microsoft Azure certifications.
How to Choose the Right AZ200 Developer Core Solutions Exam Study Material
It is important to choose the right preparation materials for the AZ200 Developer Core Solutions exam. Here are the most effective study materials to help you prepare for the AZ200 exam. Before you begin your preparation, please review the following list.
Microsoft Learning Platform
No matter which Azure course you choose, no matter if it’s AZ100 or AZ200 exam preparation, the Microsoft Learning page should serve as your primary source of information. Here you will find the official link to the exam schedule and pricing information for each region where you are taking it. This page contains detailed information about the requirements for taking the exam. Instruction-lead training will also be available for AZ-200 exam preparation.
Instructor-led Training
Microsoft Learning platform offers instructor-led training on AZ200. You can also rely on a real AZ200 exam study guide. You can find links to instructor-led training provided by different Microsoft training partners. You will find separate sections for training on the different modules of Azure AZ 200 exam.

Books & Reference Materials
For books on Azure AZ 200 exam, you can search Google Books or Goodreads. You may not be able to find books on this exam at the moment, as AZ-200 is still in beta. It is important to avoid websites that promise braindumps questions for the Microsoft AZ-200 exam preparation. We are here to answer all your questions regarding the AZ-200 exam preparation.
Practice Tests
Mic is available since AZ-200 is still in beta.

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