How to plan for next year

Are you a member of a team and have you completed your annual appraisal? You can also do them for your team members.
I won’t be doing any this yea, which makes a difference. But I will be thinking about 2022 and taking stock of my goals. This year has been a bit disappointing. It feels like I have barely managed to complete any work this year due to getting covid, homeschooling, having my work hours cut to fit around school, and seemingly endless school holidays.
And I had big plans, fun goals for my business, and some exciting projects. Literally, anything that wasn’t contractually required or kept the lights on didn’t get done.
Last year, I wrote: “The only way you can get what your heart desires is to plan for it.” Follow the plan.
Lol. It worked.
Next year, I will be taking personal planning with a pinch salt. Is it going be another year of’maintenance? I really hope not. I know that having goals will help me make wise decisions about how I spend my limited time.
What about you? This is a great time to think about what you want out of 2022. Is it training? Is it a promotion or training? Increased visibility at work What does it mean to “Better” your projects?
Download my 2022 Career Planner to help you plan for next year and stay on track.
You know that planning is essential if you want something to happen. If you want 2022 career-wise to be a great one, take some time to consider your goals and the steps you will take to reach them.
Even if you don’t care about having a great 2022, and just want it to be great, think about what that could look and how you will make it happen.
When I was a parent of two under two-year-olds, my goals for the year were very low. Don’t assume that career planning is only for those with lofty goals like achieving your PMP(R), or enrolling in an MBA program.
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My career planner template can help you determine what you want.
This document is quickly becoming a standard in project management! It has been a project management tool for me for the past few years. It has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. I hope that this year’s version will prove to be as useful as the last.
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