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Vegan Teething Biscuits for Your Natural Baby!
For the Kiddo’s, recipes, snacks2 Responses »Dec 042015I made 95% of my twins baby food, with the occasional earths best or Plum organics, for traveling. As they were getting older I had to get more creative so they could practice feeding themselves with the pincer grasp. I am totally against processed foods. The majority of it has so much added sugar. I […]
baby food, gluten-free teething Biscuits, Homemade baby food, Make your own baby food, natural baby, teething biscuits, vegan teething biscuitsNatural Herbal Play Dough Recipe
For the Kiddo’s, natural living, recipesNo Responses »Oct 152015I love trying new things.  I even have a hard time making the same recipe twice!  However, I am in love with this Natural Herbal Play Dough recipe, and so are the little hands pictured above! Sensory play is so beneficial for little growing minds.  According to PBS Parents, “Children (and adults) learn the best […]
all natural play dough, herbal play dough, natural kids, play dough, play dough recipe, sensory playSeasonal Allergies? Try this simple natural remedy…
For the Kiddo’s, natural living, Natural Remedy, Supplements2 Responses »Apr 072015For some reason, it always blows my mind when something natural REALLY works.  I know what you are thinking, “why is she shocked, when she has a natural health blog?” I get it, but truly I am always [pleasantly] surprised.  I think it must be because our generation has been engrained with medicine and commercials […]
allergy bomb, doterra, essential oils, lavender, lemon, natural health, peppermint, seasonal allergiesHomemade First Birthday Cake (Carrot Cake)… All Natural and Sugar-free!
Dessert, For the Kiddo’s, Health, recipes5 Responses »Jan 142015Nothing makes me happier than seeing my twins flourish in their joy and in their health!  Making their first foods from scratch brought me so much happiness, from knowing what I put in their bodies!  They were thriving!  Just because they were turning ONE, didn’t mean I should start giving them junk either!  It was […]
all natural first birthday cake, Homemade baby food, homemade first birthday cake, organic first birthday cake, sugar free first birthday cakeHomemade Baby Food… REAL FOOD from the beginning (Part 2)
Breakfast, For the Kiddo’s, Health, recipes1 Response »Jan 112015 (READ: MAKE YOUR OWN BABY FOOD PART ONE HERE) If you have ever taken a good look at store bought baby food you would notice that the colors are bland.  They are lacking in color and vibrance.  Yams should be bright orange and berries, dark purple and peas bright green.  Why is that?  Commercial baby food is […]
baby food, clean eating, clean eating kids, eat organic, eat seasonally, eating for wellness, for the kiddo’s, organic food, real food, real food recipeAre You Eating Enough Greens?
Breakfast, For the Kiddo’s, Health, recipes, snacks1 Response »Sep 272014Jumping out of my comfort zone a bit and using my Instagram as blog post.  I am a perfectionist by nature and I really like my photo’s to look perfect.  Obviously there is no perfect.  I would rather post valuable information than have THE BEST looking photo’s and not be as active as a blogger. […]
beet greens, chard, eat for wellness, Green juice, green smoothie, greens, Health, healthy breakfast, healthy snacks, Kale, organic, spinach, super foodsMake Your Own Baby Food… How To Eat Real Food From The Beginning! (Part 1)
For the Kiddo’s, Health, recipes4 Responses »Sep 222014(SKIP TO PART TWO OF FEEDING YOUR BABY REAL FOOD HERE!) If you asked my now three-year-old-twins what puffs were, they would not have a clue what you were talking about.  They never ate puffs.  Gerber didn’t step foot into our home and neither did any other type of pre-packaged food (organic or not!).  My […]
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