Costs Cloud Technology Partners (CTP), today announced that Firm’s Managed Cloud Controls target AWS Compliance. Costs Cloud Technology Partners (CTP), today announced a new set of services to assist organizations using Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), in managing compliance and controlling costs. CTP has announced a new category of services called Managed Cloud Controls. It will begin with two services: Continuous Compliance for AWS and Continuous Cost Control. CTP stated that they have seen the common pitfalls in cloud transformation projects for highly regulated and sophisticated companies and can help them avoid them. Cost management and regulatory compliance are two of the major obstacles to large-scale AWS adoption. In-house IT teams lack the expertise to maintain cloud environments in compliance with today’s rapidly changing regulatory environment. CTP stated that Continuous Compliance is what they offer:

  • Monitoring of over 1,000 IT compliance, corporate governance, and regulatory compliance controls, both non-technical and technical, is ongoing.
  • A centralized source for Governance, Risk and Compliance information (GRC) for AWS environments.
  • Executive and operational dashboards provide enterprise-level visibility into compliance.
  • Real-time alerts of control failures and recommendations to remediate.
  • The latest policies from regulatory bodies ensure that compliance frameworks are always up-to-date upon release.
  • Continuous synchronization between new AWS services, capabilities, and regulatory compliance frameworks.
  • Audit preparation is simplified, faster, and more cost-effective.

The company stated that Continuous Cost Control is available:

  • An overview of all costs associated to an enterprise cloud program, including legacy and projected infrastructure and application costs.
  • Smart application tagging, mapping actual spend and enabling application owner accountability
  • Reconciliation of actual cloud cost back to business case ROI/TCO projections.
  • Executive and operational dashboards that show the current status of AWS and Cloud Adoption program related costs.
  • Monitoring and alerting costs anomalies, with recommendations to optimize them.

CTP stated that demos are free.

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