Closing Process Group
The closing process includes all activities that are completed across all project management processes groups to officially complete the project or phase.
Activities in closing process groups are
Confirm that all project requirements have been met
Customer must accept the product in writing
The agreed scope is verified and the end-product is valid
Project performance reviews, including management of risks and problems, and any corrective actions required
The project management plan should be updated to reflect actual results and any logs or registers, including changes, risks, constraints, and assumptions.
Best practice in project management is to learn from the project and apply them to the next project.
These reports include the final reports, which may contain lessons learned that should be distributed to all relevant stakeholders.
The customer is satisfied with the end-product.
Hand over all deliverables to the operations department.
All contracts that have been let must now be closed using a closed procurement process
The project records must be updated, and the team must also be released
It is important to keep project documents private. Lessons learned must also be kept current.
Release resource
Processes in the closing process group
Close Project/Close Phase Process group
A close project or phase is the finalization of all activities within all Project Management process groups in order to officially complete the project or phase.
Tools & Techniques
Project Management plan
Accepted deliverables
Organizational process assets
Expert Judgment
Analytical techniques
Final Product, final service, or result transition
Updates to organizational process assets
This process allows for the learning of lessons, formal end of project work and the release of resources from the organization to pursue new projects / endeavors. To ensure that the project meets its objectives, the project manager must review all documents. The project scope must be compared to the project management plan. If the project is not completed, the investigation must be done. Participating in all of these activities is key to achieving success.
Close Procurement
Close procurement refers to the completion of each stage of a procurement process. This process documents all agreements and other documentation for future reference.
Tools & Techniques
Plan for Project Management
Procurement documents
Audit of procurement
Procurement negotiation
System for records management
Closed procurements
Updates on organizational process assets
This involves activities such as closing open claims, updating records and archiving information for future uses. A mutual agreement between the parties can be reached to terminate project procurement closure. It is also important to ensure that all documents regarding changes orders and other details are properly organized and sent along with any reports about the final product. It is important to keep a record of any changes made during the project’s closing. Good records can help you identify areas that require additional training or professional mentoring.
Questions & Answers
The project manager will have the information necessary to document, confirm, close, and close the phase or project. The project or phase’s end result includes the sum of all documentation. It should be organized, structured and indexed for quick and accurate reference. This refers to which of the following? Project archives
Procurement issues
Closing of the project
Lessons Learned
Correct Answer:
Which of the following BEST describes formal acceptance of a project’s proposal?Substantial Component
The product is signed by the customer.
Final payment is made
Final Deliverables are sent out to the customer.
Correct Answer:
Which of these is a common problem during the Close project/Phase process? Retaining resources to finish the project
Completing the quality control plan
Obtaining scope verification
Completing a project Charter.
Correct Answer:
The project is complete and the final deliverables have been sent to the customer. However, the customer refuses final acceptance of the project. The most important thing for the project manager is to: Inform management of the situation
Ask the team for help.
Take photos of the situation
Initiate legal proceedings.
Correct Answer: C
Close procurements are different from close projects in that close procurements occur before close project
Is the only one who involves the customer
Includes the property’s return.
It may be done multiple times

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