AWS Introduces a New Pricing Model called Savings Plans in Exchange for Usage Commitment Amazon Web Services has announced Savings Plans. This new pricing model can offer discounts on AWS ECS (compute), and AWS Fargate (a compute engine for Amazon ECS for running container containers). Customers must commit to using the same amount of compute service over a three-year or one-year period to receive the discounts. According to Jeff Barr, the discounts on On Demand rates are much higher than EC2 Reserved Rates. However, this model does not require customers to coordinate their RI purchases and exchanges in an effort “to ensure that you have an optimal mixture that covers usage that might vary over time.” AWS announced that Savings Plans offer significant savings, just as Reserved Instances. They also automatically reduce customers’ compute usage across any AWS region. This is even when usage changes. Customers can choose the compute option that suits them best and save money without the need to make exchanges or modifications. Barr explained that customers have two options when it comes to the new Savings Plan model.

  • “Compute Savings Plans offer the most flexibility and can help you reduce your costs up to 66% (just as Convertible RIs). The plans are applicable to all EC2 instances regardless of location, instance family, operating systems, or tenancy. This includes those that are part EMR, ECS or EKS clusters or launched by Fargate. You can, for example, shift from C4-C5 instances, move a work load from Dublin to London, or migrate EC2 to Fargate without having to do anything.
  • The “EC2 Instance Savings Plans” apply to a particular instance family within a given region and offer the highest discount (up to 72%), just like Standard RIs. Your savings plan, just like RIs covers different size instances (such as a C5.4xlarge or C5.large) within a given region. You can switch from Windows to Linux and still benefit from your savings plan, but you don’t have to make any changes.

He also explained how to use AWS Cost Explorer for selecting and purchasing a Savings Plan.

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