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All Natural Insect Repellant Recipe That Works! Bug Off!
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One of my greatest fear, as of late, Sharks!  I don’t know where it came from?  As a kid, I would spend HOURS in the ocean (So. Cal. girl here!), jumping and diving into waves, boogie boarding, and  swimming in the surf without a care in the world. Now, I think Sharks!  Last time we were on the SUP (stand up paddle board), I was picturing a shark swimming up out of the water and biting my leg off!  Hello!  Crazy girl here!  So I end up spending a lot of time praying out there in the water… which isn’t a bad thing!  At least I can still get out there!
I even thought I was MORE crazy when I came across this image, thanks to this awesome site by Bill Gates…
10 shark deaths per year and in last place. REALLY!?  725,000 deaths per year from an insect a teeny tiny insect, now that is scary… and very sad.  Yes, we don’t have much to worry about in good old America, but it does make you think about others around the world right?  Here we can prevent itchy bites, but there, they need life saving mosquito nets!  Just something to think about… and act on if you feel so inclined!  Check out Nets For Life, to save a life!
The problem with insect repellant, is that most sold in the super markets, not only repel mosquitos, they are TOXIC for us.  Author, Fatimah Waseem, from USA Today, weighs in on DEET, a common ingredient in most mosquito repellants, “DEET is commonly maligned for neurological damage, seizures, and eye irritation, but can provide all-day protection at concentration of 20%-30% against a variety of pests.” DEET for my family?  I think not!  The risks for a mosquito bite in the states do not make subjecting my family to the harsh chemicals, however, in countries or places where Malaria, West Niles and Dengue Fever are rampant, those might out way the risk of being sprayed with chemicals.  It is important to weigh the risk, always.
All Natural Insect Repellant Recipe
Lemon Essential Oil (I LOVE doTERRA)
Melaleuca Essential Oil (Tea Tree)
Peppermint Essential Oil
100% Pure Witch Hazel

Bug Off! All Natural Insect Repellant Recipe That Works! Print Prep time 5 mins Total time 5 mins Bug off Mosquito RepellantAuthor: SaraRecipe type: BodyIngredients5 drops Lemon Essential Oil
5 drops Melaleuca Essential Oil
5 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
(Optional 5 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil)
2 oz Pure Witch Hazel

InstructionsFill container with Witch Hazel, which acts as a carrier to essential oils. Add in drops, shake, and spray!
I picked up this spray bottle in the travel section in the grocery store, for less than $1. Perfect for throwing in your purse or travel bag! Fill 2 oz container with Witch Hazel. If you use a larger container, you will just need to add more essential oils/oz.
The trifecta!  These oils work together to REPEL nasty mosquitos. I didn’t add Eucalyptus, but that one is also a great add!
Add your oils.
And your done! So simple AND effective!
Simple simple simple!  Lucky for me, mosquitos don’t like my blood, my husband on the other hand, gets eaten alive!  We are going camping this weekend and this is something I will NOT forget to bring!
Have you tried an all natural insect repellant recipe?  Success?  Didn’t work?  Let us know your thoughts! Have a great weekend everyone!
Keep it clean, keep it natural!  From my Natural Health Blog to you!

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Posted by Love Life Naturally at 4:37 pmTagged with: all natural, all natural insect repellant, body care, Natural living, recipe3 Responses to “All Natural Insect Repellant Recipe That Works! Bug Off!”
ece says:August 11, 2014 at 1:13 amHi Sara,Brilliant article!I want to apply it, however, Witch Hazel Extract is not a common ingredient where I live, thus I cannot find any shops to buy it.Can you refer to some equivalents for Witch Hazel that I can use for this recipe?
Thanks a lot
ReplyLove Life Naturally says:August 11, 2014 at 4:23 pmHi! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Witch Hazel is a Carrier for Essential oils. Another good replacement would be rubbing alcohol or vodka. Since those are a bit strong, I would use half water and half alcohol. Hope that helps!
Replyece says:August 11, 2014 at 11:33 pmThank you!

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